Start of a New Journey

One pleasant day, I was sipping my coffee in the balcony, glancing down the road. Ah, how beautiful were the blooming roses, peeping out of my neighbors balcony, dancing up and down with droplets of water pouring from the sky! I never realized that the neighborhood I was staying in was this lovely and fascinating.


We relocated about 2 years ago. As always, I was extremely busy in my own life, where it was work, eat, or sleep. Association with a professional services firm for the past 10 years has taken a toll on me. I was alive without an aim, an ambition, or a hope for my future. My world was completely indulged in clients, networking, communication, never ending timelines, and of course, the obvious stress.


Yes, I was living the dream of a million people – students, experienced professionals, technologists, crave for years to get into this organization. Extravagant dinners, new acquaintances, parties that went on till 3 a.m., day-long training sessions, motivating seminars, inspiring real life experiences by icons – the fun I had through these 10 years was endless. One might even wonder, what is she up to? What else does she need in life?


There were several success stories during these 10 years, appreciating my writing and communication skills, my dedication towards work, my completion of projects prior to timelines, my technical interviewing skills, my analytical skills, and my networking skills. I felt I was pretty content with what I had. But there was a void, something more that’s unseen by naked eye, untold by my heart, and unacceptable by my conscience. THE FACT.


When I was a child, I eagerly waited for summer vacations each year to spend some time with myself, to do what I love doing the most. Writing songs, poems, stories, facts on a piece of paper always left me happy and pleased. Each time I wrote something new, I felt proud about myself, that I have the boon to do things which my friends hardly dared to. My dream was to turn into an excellent writer, to gradually develop and nurture the talent in me, and to make a difference in the real world.


Gone with the waves of life were those days and here I stand, like a traveler looking for a direction to breakthrough this accumulated mist. For the past 13 years, time flew by while I was trying to gather penny by penny, fulfilling all of my childhood dreams. I was self-content with what I had and didn’t look back. Now, looking through the mirror of life, I see the stress I had gone through all along and the discontent my heart has, for not fulfilling its dream of what I REALLY want.


The experience life has given me through my working years was tantamount. The experience life has for me in store would be I guess, unparalleled. Today, I am set to give my dream its colorful wings, to begin a new chapter of exploration, and to create a world of my own desire and passion. As someone rightly said, “You cannot go back and make a brand new beginning, but you can always start now and make a brand new ending!”

14 thoughts on “Start of a New Journey

  1. I know I’m going to thoroughly enjoy reading this blog. I’m already hooked on how well written it is, but knowing Anu, I’m not surprised.

    I dislike when authors try to add too much flowery language to make the writing seem smarter. Here, Anu has perfectly balanced symbolism and truth. I like its honesty, wit and color. I’m already a fan.

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  2. Wow, 10 years of successful career! How many women were dreaming about that, but you got it and did it over and beyond! I can understand that the success in a career doesn’t mean to be personal fulfillment. Your last line is so true. I also heard that if you don’t have certain kind of memory, you can start making it – today. Best wishes for your dream come true!


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