Likes, Comments, Shares & More


Annie kept checking her new post, like for a 1,000 times now.

“What’s wrong?”



“I’ve put in a week to write this wonderful article and no one has the time to like or comment on it.”

“When did you post it?”

“This morning”

Rachel couldn’t believe it. She observed Annie from the time she was in office, she wasn’t feeling good about the fact that her post was ignored, and was gloomy the whole day.

Yes, there are many people around us, who wait for likes, comments, shares, etc. (I’m not an exception, I used to wait for likes day and night initially on Facebook!) But is it really essential to have an emotional turmoil about who likes your posts and who comments on them?

Many a times, we don’t realize that we crib over things which are so minute and of no value to us, in reality. Posting on the internet is a very common thing and given the number of networking sites and the number of users accessing them, there are millions or billions of posts, liked, shared, and commented.


There are people liking each and every picture or post that comes up on a webpage, without taking a look at it. It’s that their friend has posted something, like it right away, and they really don’t bother if it’s real, fake, or has been created with a lot of effort. It’s time to stop doing it because it doesn’t add any value to you or the person you are trying to support. If you genuinely liked something, let them know, be it whoever, that is when you have to like or share or comment.

I have been trying to work as a freelancer since a couple of months and am shocked to see that people even bid for projects without reading the entire description! There are many employers asking for the employee to add something in the “Bid Description” just so to confirm that the employee read the entire project description. How pathetic can it turn out to be?

When you write, it’s your interest and ability to write it up to it’s best, same goes with your photography, creating your own music, and much more. Don’t look for likes and the number of likes/comments. When your content is original and you are satisfied with what you are doing, you really don’t need to care about the number of people liking or sharing it.

The more you do, the better you’d get at things, be it art, literature, photography, music, any area you are interested in and want to be recognized in. The best ones may not get number of likes or shares today, but people who understand the effort that goes behind it and who value your work, will definitely encourage you to do more and to create wonders.

In the process of impressing others, you start losing your true identity. Try to be an inspiration or an aspiration and never fear to pursue your true passion…

4 thoughts on “Likes, Comments, Shares & More

  1. This is an incredibly worded post that we all need to read and remember. I don’t know if you follow Gabe’s site “ and his post today, It shouldn’t be about how many likes we get or the number of followers. It should be about putting together meaningful thoughts and sharing them with other bloggers. The likes and follows come when ones work catches on in the blogging community. Keep blogging because we’re following.

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  2. Thank you Tom and Audrey for sharing this post on “A few comments about building my blog community.” It’s a great post from Gabe and quite informative, especially for starters like me 🙂 I still should get better at 80/20, though I’ve been a doing a little “link frogging” lately.

    Btw, I loved your article, “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 4” I love travelling and am certainly looking for an experience where it literally would be travelling on the edge of cliff and with the high in our heart, holding our breath, nervous about what’s to happen the very next moment…


  3. True that! Obviously, we get more inspiration if we see that audience is interested in our writing. I actually am talking about the other side of it, where people don’t feel like writing anymore and leave the blog sites, just due to lack of attention. You get it only when you keep writing more and once you catch the flow, there’s no end to it..


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